How get a Hotmail account to create

Hotmail email service was a novelty when it was launched, being a pioneer that introduced the concept of web based email service. It came about in the late nineties and helped open up the shackles that were added by the existing internet service providers. At such a time email was a subscription based service that was provided by the internet service providers who provided access to the internet as well.

At the time when Hotmail was introduced, the concept of having a free email service that allowed access to email correspondence with others across the internet was unknown. Today it is possible to access different kinds of email services that are free and this was a concept first introduced by Hotmail.

Creation of Hotmail account

How get a Hotmail account to create. The steps to create a Hotmail account in earlier times were rudimentary and there were few restrictions or guidelines to follow such as:

  • The account creation page was found on the main Hotmail domain.
  • Here one could click on the Sign up link to get started.
  • The account creation process started by entering the first and last name.
  • One had to choose a username for their account that was restricted to what was available and not already in use as in the Hotmail database.
  • The password creation process did not have any restrictions and had to be one that one could remember easily.
  • Once the above main fields were entered one’s account creation process was deemed complete. All one had to do was to enter some more additional fields of information that were optional and check the box that showcased one’s agreement to the terms and conditions.

The above steps showcased the simple way one could create an account with Hotmail. It certainly made things easy for those who signed up for Hotmail in the earlier times. However, with the easy sign up procedures and passwords that were easy to guess and hack into, many Hotmail users found their accounts hacked and misused. With time Hotmail was taken over by Microsoft and as the hacking and spamming activities led to a number of security issues, there were many steps taken to make the sign up and login procedures protected and controlled.

Outlook vs Hotmail domain

As Hotmail came under Microsoft, there were several changes seen. It was initially kept as a separate domain till the early part of the millennium; soon, however, Microsoft planned to consolidate all account services under one domain that would lead to a stronger focus on control and protective measures. As a result the following changes took place for Hotmail users:

  • Initial years Hotmail users were able to login through the dedicated Hotmail domain.
  • As the Microsoft acquisition of the service took place, Hotmail was offered as part of MSN portal as well.
  • When the consolidation efforts were taken up by Microsoft, Hotmail came under the live domain and then it was finally made part of Outlook, the new web based email service introduced by Microsoft.

Those who are existing Hotmail users can still type in in their web browser and be relocated to the new login portal of Microsoft. For those who wish to create a new Hotmail account can find the link to sign up for a new Microsoft account on this portal. The changes that have come by in creating a new Hotmail account in recent times include the following:

  • Hotmail domain does not exist separately.
  • One can select Hotmail as their email domain address which can be selected at the time of creating a new Microsoft account.
  • The account that one creates will be a Hotmail email address that will give access to different services of Microsoft as well.
  • The email interface will be similar to new users of the Outlook email service with similar features and amenities.

Signing up for a new Hotmail account

If you wish to get a Hotmail account all new, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log onto, or each of which will lead to a unified portal for Microsoft accounts.
  • The login panel is evident on the front page.
  • If you wish to create a new account, you will find the link provided on this page.
  • You will be redirected to the account creation page.
  • Here you will be asked to fill in certain mandatory fields.
  • The initial fields pertain to information such as your first and last name.
  • You can then choose the username you wish to get to your account. This can be chosen subject to the availability of what already exists among the millions of Hotmail users.
  • You can choose the domain address of your choice, whether or
  • You need to enter the password field next which needs to be eight alphanumeric characters with case differences as well as special characters as well.
  • You would be asked to enter other basic information like gender.
  • Once all basic fields are filled, there are certain additional fields to enter that are related to account security.
  • These pertain to entering an alternate email address which is often required to verify your account credentials or to reset your account password in case you forget the same.
  • The other details required are a valid phone number. Once this is keyed in, you can also seek for a security code to be texted to you when you need to reset your account password or to use it as an alternate way to access your account in a secure manner every time.
  • You are also encouraged to seek out two security questions and key in the answers accordingly. These also come in handy when you forget your account password and need to retrieve the same. You should choose questions whose answers are evident to you, but not easily known to others.

The above points define the main steps to create a Hotmail account. Once you agree to the terms and conditions as well as enter the captcha code provided, you would be on your way to owning a brand new Hotmail account.

Benefits of new Hotmail account

Those who exist or new users of Hotmail, they will find that their inbox has several new and upgraded features to offer. With the integration of Microsoft account services, all kinds of benefits get extended to the different account users.

  • A Hotmail account or inbox has an intuitive interface. One can figure out different features and functions with ease.
  • Tabs are provided to allow easy access to the different inbox segments.
  • Different folders are located on the left hand side panel of an inbox.
  • Clutter can be easily swept aside, which allows one to manage all unimportant messages with ease.
  • Social media accounts are easy to integrate with your new Hotmail account. This allows you to see new posts and updates on your inbox directly, eliminating the need to log into the respective social media accounts such as Facebook and others in order to stay updated, to post new stories, comments and so forth.
  • Segregation of emails is made easy with color tagging that is a useful and attractive feature of the new inbox.
  • Use of Microsoft documents, spreadsheets and presentation files is made easy in your Hotmail inbox, courtesy these applications being easily accessible in your Hotmail account.

The above points highlight some of the unique features that Microsoft offers to all users of its different account services. For those who sign up for a new Hotmail domain email address, the same can be accessed through mobile apps as well.

Hence, it can be one’s latest personal or professional email address that one uses on the go. That also allows one to access their email as and when they need to, use their emails to stay in touch with business and personal correspondence and so forth.

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