How to Sign into Hotmail

Those who own Hotmail accounts and have owned them for long might have noticed certain changes that have come by to this email domain. Hotmail was launched in the late nineties initially and was the first pioneering public email service on the internet. It was a free service and a novelty of its own as the concept of free email services was not introduced till then. With an email account that could be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, it helped revolutionize the concept of electronic mail and gave it the version that we are familiar with today.

How to Sign into Hotmail

Since its start, Hotmail was soon taken over by Microsoft. Hotmail existed as a separate and distinct email domain for several years before it was brought together under the Microsoft Outlook domain in recent times. Today, the existing Hotmail users can still access their age old emails and different files that are saved in their account even though the email interface has undergone several changes and access factors have been modified as well.

Hotmail sign up

For those looking to sign up for a new Hotmail account, they can follow the steps mentioned below to create a new Hotmail email address:

  • Log on to Microsoft Outlook website or type in which will redirect you to Outlook website.
  • Here you can find the link to sign up for a new account.
  • At the time of choosing to create a new account one can choose the domain address.
  • The details required for signing up for Hotmail account are similar and standard as for any email address creation.

Hotmail sign in

For those who have existing Hotmail accounts, they can sign into their account with the following steps:

  • Type in on your web browser. You will be redirected to the Live domain of Microsoft.
  • Here you will find the sign in options for any Microsoft account. As Hotmail comes under Microsoft, you can use your Hotmail account details to log into your account.
  • For those who do have forgotten their sign in details, there is a help link that one can use in order to get the help required to retrieve one’s Hotmail account sign in details.

In case one has recently created a new Hotmail address, they can sign into their new account in the following ways:

  • Log onto or Live domain of Microsoft.
  • The log in panel is present on the front page.
  • Here one can sign in using the email address created.
  • They will be prompted to enter the password in the consecutive page.
  • In case one wishes to do away with the password, there is an option to receive a unique identification number or code in a registered phone number. This can be keyed in to access one’s account.

The above steps showcase the ease with which one can sign into their Hotmail account. In contrast to the need that existed in previous times to remember one’s account password, today that need can be surpassed. With the option to get a unique code sent as a text message to a registered phone number, it becomes easier and more secure to access one’s Hotmail account.

Benefits to use a Hotmail account

When you sign into your Hotmail account under the unified Microsoft domain, you will find a new email interface that has several benefits to offer:

  • The modern inbox has colorful tags that help to identify emails of different categories easily.
  • Emails are segregated into different categories easily and the option of folders and sub folders are present.
  • Spam mails can be easily filtered out from Hotmail account by using the filter options given.
  • It is easy to connect with social media accounts like Facebook.
  • One can manage social media conversations easily with one’s new Hotmail account.

There are several conveniences to avail of when you use your Hotmail account under the new Microsoft domain. You will also find an enhanced secure domain where the two step verification process is encouraged for logging into your account securely. It is also possible to stay logged into your account by using the Outlook app on your mobile device. This allows ease of access to your Hotmail account all the time.

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