Hotmail vs other email services

Hotmail is the pioneering web based email service that was launched in the nineties at a time when free email service was a novelty. It helped transform the idea of email communication and freed it from the shackles of ISP providers who used to provide an email service along with internet usage that was charged for a fee.

Hotmail vs other email services

Hotmail was then acquired by Microsoft and it went through several stages of transformation and integration under the Microsoft. Today, Hotmail is considered as part of the Outlook or Live mail service that Microsoft provides. It is a unified account platform for all the different users and services of Microsoft.

Comparing Gmail and Hotmail

Here are some points that showcase the differences between the two email services, Gmail and Hotmail:

  • Hotmail was launched in the nineties while Gmail was a free email service launched by Google much later, in the new millennium.
  • Hotmail was launched at a time when web based free email service was a novelty while Gmail came along when Hotmail and other services like Yahoo were already established.
  • Gmail came along with several advanced features such as availability on the web as well as through mobile apps. It also offered free storage capacity that was higher than what was offered by competitive email services like Hotmail.
  • Security features were higher with Gmail as the mail servers of this service scan emails to filter out malware and spam as well as filter ads as per their context before they are allowed to reach the inbox of users.

The above features and many more made Gmail a more innovative service as compared to the older Hotmail. However, Hotmail today, as an integrated part of Microsoft Outlook, offers similar as well as other innovative features and advanced security features as well.

Comparing AOL and Hotmail

Here are some salient points of comparisons between Hotmail and AOL:

  • AOL, also known as America Online was formed in the mid nineties and was a web portal as well as a service that was offered by ISP providers. In the context of lineage, this service is older than the web based Hotmail service that was launched a few years later.
  • AOL was part of a dial up service offered by ISPs to American computer users, which then moved to a web-based service and offered instant messaging options as well. Hotmail on the other hand, was introduced as a free web based email service that remained so and got new features added like instant messaging when it was made part of MSN.
  • AOL was a subscription service mainly for Americans while Hotmail was an email service that was free for use by anyone across the world.

Comparing GMX and Hotmail

The salient features between Hotmail and GMX are showcased below:

  • GMX was launched as a free email service by Global Mail Exchange, Germany around the same time when Hotmail was launched as a similar service free for use across the world.
  • GMX was available through the web portal as well as through IMAP4 and POP3 protocols while Hotmail was a web based service.
  • GMX is an email service that still remains today, supported by pop up ads while Hotmail has undergone much integration over the years after it was acquired by Microsoft. Today it does not have a separate domain and is integrated with Outlook email service of Microsoft.

Comparing Yahoo and Hotmail

Here are some key points to note between Yahoo and Hotmail services:

  • Yahoo was introduced before or around the same time when Hotmail was launched; the entrepreneurs of both services were based out of the silicon valley of California.
  • Yahoo mail was only part of the web service launched by Verizon communications that also included a search engine service, Yahoo directory, news, finance, groups and other services. Hotmail on the other hand, was a purely web based email service at the time when it was launched. Later it became part of the MSN range of offerings by Microsoft that included other services as well.
  • Yahoo had a popular presence in the nineties and early part of the new millennium; Hotmail was later integrated with Microsoft and today it does not have a separate existence but is part of the Outlook web email service of Microsoft.

Comparing Inbox and Hotmail

With the launch of Inbox by Gmail, this is a new email service to compare with Hotmail:

  • The inbox is a subscription only service that was launched recently by Google in 2015. Hotmail on the other hand, has undergone several changes and today it is part of Outlook email service by Microsoft.
  • Inbox offers a different kind of email experience as the inbox outlay changes and the way one can arrange and organize their emails. Hotmail also has innovative features on offer through the newly integrated email platform called Outlook by Microsoft.

The above points showcase how Hotmail compares with the different email services that are out there. Hotmail has changed over the years after its acquisition by Microsoft. Today it has better security and modern inbox features and mail integration options. However, it has lost its separate identity and comes under Outlook or Live domain of Microsoft.

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