How Sign up in Hotmail to login easy

How Sign up in Hotmail to login easy. The email service of Hotmail was introduced at a time when it was a novel concept of having an email service that was web based. Hotmail got launched in the late nineties. This was a time when email was a service that was restricted to internet service providers. To use email services one had to pay subscription fees to the internet service provider. With Hotmail’s introduction all such limitations were removed. The web based email accounts that Hotmail provided could be accessed from any computer that provided access to the World Wide Web.

Hotmail sign up in earlier times

Hotmail made it possible for one to communicate with others through email correspondence anywhere in the world. As it was a free service, all one had to do was to undergo a basic signing up process. The steps of creating an account in Hotmail comprised of the following:

  • The first and last name details had to be filled.
  • One had to choose a username that had to be unique and not already in use by others.
  • One could choose a unique password for their account that they had to remember. There were no specific guidelines for choosing a password for one’s Hotmail account.
  • Other optional fields of information existed that were not mandatory for filling in.

Once the above steps were followed one had already created an account for themselves on the Hotmail domain. The easy process of signing up led to many people creating multiple accounts easily and being able to sign in and out. With such easy process of signing up or logging into a Hotmail account, there were certain security lapses that were noted. People often found their accounts hacked into; others found their account login compromised in many instances.

Changes in Hotmail domain services

Soon Hotmail was taken over by Microsoft. Though such security issues still remained but over time Microsoft took several measures to make access to Hotmail restricted. The domain underwent several changes as well under Microsoft’s brand ownership. Initial years saw the Hotmail domain remain a separate entity as well as being offered as an integrated email service under MSN. There were more integration efforts that were launched in the new millennium. For instance, the live domain was introduced by Microsoft to bring in different services that it offered under one platform. The last change that was introduced was the launch of Outlook as a web based email service. This had previously been a Windows based email application for Windows users. Today Microsoft has extended it out to the web domain and made it a free web based service like Gmail and others. With the introduction of Outlook and the live domain, there have come by several changes to Hotmail account login or sign up process.

If you wish to access your Hotmail account, you can still do so by typing in on the web browser. However, you will also be able to do so with the following steps:

  • You can type in or which is the new integrated platforms of Microsoft for all email and account services.
  • Any of the above domain addresses including leads to the same unified login portal created for Microsoft users.
  • The main page has a login panel as well as a sign up link for those looking to create a new account.
  • Account creation on this portal is a simple process and you can do so in a number of ways and for different services. Hence, you can create a common Microsoft account that will provide you login access to different services of Microsoft with the same particulars.
  • If you wish to create a new Hotmail account, you need to go through this common process. Even though Hotmail is not available as an independent domain anymore, you can still get a Hotmail address for your email account.

Creating a new Hotmail account

Under the new account creation process as available in the live domain of Microsoft, the process is a simple one to follow:

  • The first and last name details need to be provided as before.
  • The next fields pertain to choosing a username for your email account. If you wish to have a Hotmail email address, you can make that selection here. The username you choose will be subject to availability as per the existing database of usernames under the Microsoft platform.
  • The next field pertains to choosing the right password. You need to choose one of at least eight characters which need to be alphanumeric; the ideal password would be one with special characters and case differences.
  • The subsequent fields require you to fill in gender and birthday details. These are often used when security related questions are asked pertaining to the retrieval of login information for your account.
  • You would also be asked to provide another email address detail which would be used to correspond with you in case you lose your login details or other security issues arise.
  • There is a two step verification feature that has been introduced for all email accounts. This requires for a valid phone number to be keyed in along with the alternate email address you provide. Both details are vetted by the email service to confirm that the details entered are valid.
  • Additionally, you would be asked to provide answers to two security questions. You can select two questions and provide answers to the same. These should be evident to you and easy to remember; it is best to choose personal questions whose answers would be known to you but not easily known by others.

Once the account creation process is complete one is required to fill in the captcha code that is provided as well as agree to the terms and conditions. Once these fields are completed, your account creation process is deemed complete.

Benefits of using a Hotmail account

Those who are creating a new Hotmail account or using their old one will enjoy all the benefits of a more secure and modern inbox and other features that Microsoft offers. This is made available not only to new users of the Live or Outlook services, but also for existing Hotmail account users. When you log into your new inbox, you will find the following features in your mail box:

  • There is an intuitive interface that the new inbox has which allows users to figure out the different features and functions with ease.
  • The folders are displayed for ease of access on the left hand side panel.
  • There are tabs that allow different inbox and other folder segments to be accessed.
  • There is a useful feature by which you can sweep aside all unimportant emails into a designated clutter section.
  • It is easy to access conversations and updates on social media accounts. These can now be linked to your Hotmail account easily. You can easily catch up on conversations on Facebook or follow updates and posts through your email account without having to open up the social media account pages separately.
  • Color tagging with attractive and intuitive features helps you segregate different categories of emails.
  • Office is another big advantage that is offered to Hotmail account users. They can now find all the useful Office functions and applications integrated with their Hotmail inbox, allowing documents and spreadsheets, or Power Point presentations to be edited, read and opened and created through your email inbox.

New login features

For those who create a new Hotmail address for themselves, they can use the following steps to login to their account:

  • Type in, or to access the same login panel.
  • Login details can be saved by the options provided.
  • The username that needs to be keyed in requires the Hotmail address to be entered in full.
  • You could choose to surpass the need to key in your password every time by choosing to get a security code sent as a password to your registered phone number every time.

The login access to your Hotmail address under the unified platform of Microsoft goes beyond simply giving you access to an inbox and its features. You can also use the same username to access different Microsoft service. When you install a new Windows software on your computer or laptop, the login details required will be your Hotmail account address. The same login details can be used to open up and access Skype, create an account with Xbox and other services that Microsoft provides.

You can also download the mobile app of the Outlook or Live domain. The same app will provide you access to your Hotmail account no matter where you go. This enables you to stay in touch with your correspondence and use it as your official or personal communication medium. The security features ensure the privacy and protection of your Hotmail account at all times on the different platforms.  Hence, you could be working with the Hotmail account signed in through your laptop or mobile device and have secure access guaranteed at the same time.

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