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Hotmail users who have had their account from the nineties have seen several changes that have been introduced to this email domain. Indeed, it was a web based service that has introduced as a novelty at a time when email service was attached to internet subscription services. The concept that anyone could simply log onto the free domain of Hotmail and get an email account to communicate with anyone in the world, which freed up people from the shackles of ISP email services.

How Organize my Hotmail Inbox

Hotmail underwent several changes from the time it was introduced. It was soon acquired by Microsoft after which it remained as a separate email domain, but was also made part of MSN offerings. Those who were MSN members could access their Hotmail account through the MSN portal. In the new millennium the users of Hotmail saw the email service being made part of an integration effort by Microsoft; soon the users were redirected to the Live domain of Microsoft when they wished to access their Hotmail account.

The login features of the new Hotmail domain are as follows:
• One can type in, or to be redirected to the same, unified login panel.
• This will lead to the centralized login page for all Microsoft account holders.
• As username one is required to type in their full Hotmail email address.
• They will be prompted to enter their password in the consecutive page.
• Once the login details are correctly provided, one gains full access to the inbox page.
The layout of the inbox of Hotmail accounts has undergone several changes to add the new features as offered in the Outlook domain. As a result one can avail of the following features in their Hotmail inbox:
• Emails, calendar events and contacts all remain intact as they have been transported intact to the new domain.
• One can access their email account through Outlook domain on a web browser as well as through the mobile application.
• The Office suite of offerings is extended to the email account users as well. They can view documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, edit them and so forth in their Hotmail inbox.
• With a single sweep one can remove clutter emails in this new inbox layout.
• The social media accounts are easily integrated with one’s Hotmail inbox. Here one can view updates, posts, reply or make comments through their Hotmail account and so forth.
• Spam filtering as well as virus scanning features has been fortified to ensure that such emails do not land up and clutter the accounts of the users.
• The two step verification feature allows one to secure their account further and makes multiple views from different devices and computers easier and safe.

Sync Hotmail wiht Skype

There are several advantages that have come in the use of the new integrated Hotmail inbox:
• The login details of one’s Hotmail account now become their Microsoft account login details. With the same login details they can use new Windows software, gain access to different Microsoft services like Skype or OneDrive and others.
• The inbox is synchronized with Microsoft services like OneDrive and others that are provided complimentary access and usage of.
• If you are an Xbox user, you Hotmail account details become your account login for Xbox services.
• The authenticator app of Microsoft helps you override the need to key in your password every time you need to login. This helps you overcome the problem of having to remember your password.

The above points showcase the several advantages that Hotmail account users can avail of in the new integrated domain of Microsoft. With security revamped and more features on offer in one’s inbox and for mail organization, there are more reasons to continue to use and enjoy Hotmail account services in the years to come.

How Create an Alias in Hotmail

If you want create an alias, follow this step:

  1. Go to the upper right margin of the Hotmail account and click on your profile.
  2. Click on “view account”.
  3. A new window will open, click on “your information”.
  4. Click on: Manage login email or phone number.
  5. You may be asked for a mobile phone to verify and use this option. You put your phone number and you will get the mail. You enter the code and you can register up to 10 new emails to keep your privacy in the main mail of hotmail.

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